Love & Light

Harness this universal energy and progress on your life path.



Reiki connects divine knowledge (Rei) to the universal life force energy (Ki). Discover these featured services administered by Tyler, your reiki practitioner.

Excellent Service

This natural healing technique is beneficial for both client and practitioner. Elevating our collective healing is a blessing.

Spiritual & Holistic

​Reiki can transport you to a refreshing and higher state of mind. It will increase your health and well-being.

Full Reiki Session

Schedule your hour long reiki session.

Alternative Treatment

Reiki energy eliminates blockages and balances chakras. It can relieve physical and emotional ailments. Through love and light the energy can guide you on your path.

Giving 1-hour treatments for $70.

Heal. Grow.


10AM - 8PM M-F, 11AM - 7PM Sat & Sun   +330.546.6412


Distance Session

Over the phone distance sessions are available.

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