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I am Tyler Cook. I was born in Ohio and raised in a small rural village. I lived a pretty sheltered childhood on a farm until age 8. Then I moved to the neighboring village. I grew up playing sports. Baseball and basketball were my favorites. I attended college and received a bachelor's degree in Interpersonal Communication. In 2013, I moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue acting. Holistic modalities have always piqued my interest throughout my life. I enjoy researching them in my spare time. After a couple of years in beautiful California, I discovered reiki and began receiving regular treatments.

Over the course of a few months, I realized the miraculous changes in my life since I found reiki. My intuition heightened and my ego started dissolving. Dreams of mine were manifesting again. Even ones as small as a good parking spot. Gratitude and positivity were consistently present in my life again. I believe my aura had strengthened too. I felt more confident and had better social interactions. People approached me initiating conversations more than usual. I received more smiles, even from strangers. I had suffered from muscle soreness, a pinched nerve and back spasms after a car accident. But reiki helped accelerate the healing of those physical conditions. Self-awareness increased significantly, enabling me to immediately sense my emotional state. A sharp introspection revealed itself. Thus, old memories and emotions resurfaced. Feeling and accepting these emotions became habitual as well as liberating. My inner-child reawakened. I was "letting go." I stopped letting everyday life problems beat me down. Fun came back like I was a child again. 

Getting treatments allowed me to rediscover my true self. I found practicing reiki could be a calling. This lead me to get an attunement. Soon after High Vibe Reiki was born. Being a reiki practitioner is a fulfilling profession. Promoting the healing process of others is related to my own personal healing. I am truly grateful for finding reiki. It is exciting knowing this loving healing energy is constantly bringing me to greater experiences and higher living. I believe reiki treatments will help everyone regardless of their condition. I still get occasional treatments and look forward to each one.