Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation, promoting healing. Reiki Sessions are one hour. Distance healing sessions are available too. The benevolent Reiki energy is channeled and transmitted by placing the hands on or above the client's fully clothed body. A soothing energy flows through the hands into the client, creating a state of relaxation and releasing tension. This helps clear away energy blockages by freeing pent-up emotions. Deep-seated emotional problems are gradually dislodged. In time, these stuck emotions are no longer dormant and will be broken down. This restoration process allows the client to mend. Fear-based thoughts may begin to disappear. Physical pain begins to alleviate or completely dissipate. Love and appreciation may appear more frequently. Communication exchange is encouraged throughout the session. 

An instant and residual energetic shift happens with each session. 
Reiki sessions are a wonderful spiritual gift one can give to oneself or to a loved one. This beautiful energy addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual maladies. The body’s energy system responds accordingly in and around the chakras (body's energy spirals) to clear away blockages as the energy is channeled. The body returns to a state of balance ideal for the liberating healing process to resume. Many enjoy the rest of their day feeling "lighter" and more "in-tune." Positive changes may take place several days subsequent to the session. Life's challenges are more easily handled. Bodily sensations such as heat or coolness may occur.  

People are drawn to a Reiki Session for an assortment of reasons and leave with a newfound growth. Eventually, clients may realize they are more like their true self than they were prior to reiki.  Bi-weekly sessions help clients become more capable of handling life's stressful situations until their body’s system reaches an equilibrium. Then less frequent treatment is necessary. Being more even-keeled, experiencing increased emotional intelligence and self-awareness are potential side-effects. Traveling to those who are unable is available after an in-office session.

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